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The concept of Society 5.0 was first introduced by Japan in 2016. Society 5.0, or Super-Smart Society, refers to a technology-based and people-centered society.

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Society 5.0 is the continuation of the hunting society (Society 1.0), the agricultural society (Society 2.0), the industrial society (Society 3.0), and the information society (Society 4.0).

What is Society 5.0 aiming for?

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Society 5.0 aspires to create a long-term socioeconomic structure in which human power is no longer needed for data analysis and collection, instead uses Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and robotics.

Society 5.0 also aims to create a society where members respect each other for generations, breaking the current feelings of stagnation, and a society where everyone can live an active and enjoyable life.

Society 4.0 vs Society 5.0

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Industry 4.0; it reflects the idea of making a manufacturing revolution using technology but Society 5.0 is an approach that focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced by the United Nations in 2016, including production and non-production issues.

Industry 5.0 takes a more collaborative approach than Industry 4.0, involving far more human-robot cooperation.

Humans generate knowledge and intelligence with the aid of technology in Industry 4.0; in Society 5.0, computers generate knowledge and intelligence at the service of people through Artificial Intelligence.

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